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Dermaglow Microdermabrasion Machines

Life-time warranty, live tech support & free loaner          US  made since 1998          Fluid, Flawless & Fearless          Chosen and used by the best on the planet 


Dermaglow II MD

Medical Grade


Dermaglow II

Professional Grade

Dermaglow EST


Dermaglow LED Light Therapy Machines

All systems have 5 Wavelengths, Optimized for Pulsing & Sequence          RII – A Game Changing Full Body Multiwave LED Light Therapy Machine

Dermaglow© Multiwave

LED Light Therapy Machine


Mega Multiwave

LED Light Therapy Machine

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Squeaky Clean Toning Cream


Radical Wrinkle Reduction

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Dual Channel Microcurrent Machine


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Theraglow© SmileMachine

New Profits for Spa and Medical Offices

Easy Equipment Financing Options

New Business Funding (2 yrs or less)
  • For businesses under 2 years old
  • Fill out online application
  • 36 month rates OAC appx $250/mo for Dermaglow II
  • Fill out the application and you are set
  • Build your business quickly with microdermabrasion
Established ​ Business (over 2 yrs)

  • Simple one page ap
  • Funds in as little as 4 hours
  • 36 month rates from $179 – $200 + tax OAC
  • 2 extra cases of crystals + 100 tips
  • Lease contract with no messy buyout
  • Machine can ship within 72 business hours
  • Fill out the application and you are set!





Medical and Professional Microdermabrasion Machine


Why Multiwave LED Beds will Rule the Spa Industry


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Read what Dermaglow owners are saying:

  • Reviews About Dermaglow Tech Support – Part of our Lifetime Warranty:

    Many equipment companies charge an “arm and a leg” for replacing certain parts of their equipment, I can only tell you that this company has been very helpful and has allowed me to make a very comfortable living with their machine! If something is not working on your machine and they cannot fix it over the telephone (Mike is the expert), they replace the machine asap! or send out parts to make it work.

  • Reviews About Dermaglow Tech Support – Part of our Lifetime Warranty:

    “I wanted to let you know how awesome Mike is. I had a problem on Friday night and he spent an hour helping me and then another hour on Saturday. Mike is an expert. He walked me through one step at a time. He answered the phone on Friday night and Saturday when he wasn’t even supposed to be working. That is incredible and it shows me you guys really care about your clients.”

  • Reviews About Dermaglow Tech Support – Part of our Lifetime Warranty:

    “I’ve been working with Mike Wright and I just wanted to call and see that he is incredible the way he talks to you on the phone and he’s never frustrated and I just thought that maybe I could call and just tell you that because I’ve had some other problems with other machines and when you call for help the people are irritated or they’re just not very nice. Where there not knowing their stuff really good and he just knows exactly what he’s doing. He is so helpful and so caring on the phone and I thought I would let you know if you have any questions my number.”

  • I was thinking from a Sales point of view when I am teaching CEU,s that showing the Dermaglow I have, which I have included pictures of, would be an excellent tool as I have had no trouble since I purchase it in1999.. What do you think?

    I am also enclosing a picture of the Parisian MedMachine I have. I have found the students are interested in the difference, and actually Dermaglow works just a well as the Parisian Peel Medical Machine. Plus the cost is much less, and they can not purchase the Med Machine. Let me know what I need to do next? I am looking forward to promoting a Micro Machine far better than the equipment the colleges are offering, and to share my knowledge with my students. They called me the Queen of Microdermabrasion in school. Kee

    Reviews about our World Class Spa Equipment
  • As I have told you (and continue to tell everyone else), I have been to high-end spas from New York to Palm Springs, CA (as a client receiving microderm treatments) and I have never experienced the amazing results I have with the Dermaglow II machine. It is heads & shoulders above the rest – the best on the market. Now that I have my own skincare business, I am really excited to treat my clients with the Dermaglow II I have in my own spa.

    By the way, the customer service I have received from Aesthetic Solutions has been wonderful as well – Thank you!

    Reviews about our World Class Spa Equipment
  • I have had the Dermaglow II for approximately 8 years now. I currently work in a high-end spa, in Central New Jersey. We do alot of volume with Microdermabrasion, we have 1 Dermaglow machine and 2 others from different companies. The other 2machines aren’t worth a dime compared to the Dermaglow! The power on thatmachine isnt even comparable to the power of the other 2 machines. My estheticians and I are reluctant to use the other 2 machines in fear that they will lose power or get clogged during a treatment, NOT with the Dermaglow! You never have to worry about anything going wrong with it. I am now looking to purchase a 4th machine for my business, and I wouldn’t think about purchasing anything but a Dermaglow II. This machine comes highly recommended by myself and my staff.

    Reviews about our World Class Spa Equipment
  • My clients and I love this machine. It is super easy to use and I’m getting much better results than the microdermabrasion machines I’ve used in the past. Especially when I combine it with chemical peels. We see quick results in acne conditions and hyperpigmentation. It leaves the client with baby soft skin. Thank you for providing me with such a great tool!


    Reviews about our World Class Spa Equipment
  • my dermaglow is the best investment i’ve ever made for my business, and i look forward to using it for many years to come. by the way i have referred dermaglow to several of my esty friends, one being an employee at papillon day spa in columbus ohio. so if you get an order from them, i’d be happy to take the credit for the referral:)

    Reviews about our World Class Spa Equipment
  • i thought i would respond with a testimonial because i am loving my dermaglow so much! i have been very happy with the machine, and my clients are loving it as well. the crystal flow has been the most fluid and consistent of any machine i’ve ever used, and i can actually converse with clients without having to scream over a noisy, invasive motor. it is so easy to control and adjust, and the wheels are incredibly convenient.

    Reviews about our World Class Spa Equipment
  • “Mike, we had a new spa director come in and change all of our Dermaglow II’s out for different machines. I wanted you to know that my clients are not happy with the treatments provided by the new machines and we hate them, so we (8 estheticians on staff) are sneaking our 10 year old Dermaglow II out of storage to work our clients. 10 years old and it still outperforms the brand new machines.”

    Reviews about our World Class Spa Equipment
  • “Hi Christi, just did a living social promotion and already sold 6 series of treatments. I love this machine!”

    Reviews about our World Class Spa Equipment
  • “Hi Mike, I wanted to let you know I paid for my machine in 2 weeks

    Reviews about our World Class Spa Equipment
  • Our clients expect excellence and that is exactly what they get with the Dermaglow II. Melissa; The Ritz Carlton

    Reviews about our World Class Spa Equipment
  • My estheticians love this machine and that makes me happy! Joycie; Agora Spa Stamford Marriot (America’s Top 100 Spas

    Reviews about our World Class Spa Equipment
  • “I have had my Dermaglow II for 13 years, and I use it 8 hours a day. I have never had a problem with it. I am selling my business and requiring that the buyer purchase a new Dermaglow II to take over my clients.”

    Reviews about our World Class Spa Equipment
  • “a bomb could go off in the building and the Dermaglow II would keep working”

    Reviews about our World Class Spa Equipment
  • “I used to train in a school that used Dermaglow II’s, and when I went into a spa they had a different machine. That machine did not produce 25% the results the Dermaglow II did. The price they wanted to charge me for this lesser machine, for was unbelievable. Good ones run $10,000 + and they dont have the warranty you have. Wow…Thank you!!’

    Reviews about our World Class Spa Equipment
  • In a few short months, my business has transformed. Microdermabrasion is my most popular service. Your equipment is both easy to use and highly effective.

    I also want to compliment your customer service and training staff.

    All things technical frighten me, but there has not been one moment when I felt alone with my questions. That kind of support (after the sale) is what creates “Raving Fans”.

    I would recommend your products and your company to EVERYONE considering Microdermabrasion services.

    Reviews about our World Class Spa Equipment
  • “thank you SO much for the opportunity to have my very own Dermaglow. I am seeing incredible results and you have changed my life and business”

  • “Hi Christi, just did a living social promotion and already sold 6 series of treatments. I love this machine!”

Why Dermaglow


Since 1998, the Dermaglow brand has been synonymous with quality, power and reliability.

You know that when companies like Elizabeth Arden, The Ritz Carlton, Carlyle and Beverly Hills Hotel, Caniglia Plastic Surgery Center, Dermatology Associates, NYU, Paul Mitchell and so many more great companies choose Dermaglow, you can be assured that you are investing into the right microdermabrasion machine or light therapy device.

This is a lifetime investment into your practice. You should never have to buy another machine. Dermaglow microdermabrasion machines have had the most extensive warranty in the industry for over a decade, and the testimonials below show you that when it comes to client support, you are always covered.

You don’t have to worry about a system clogging up or losing power. You don’t have to worry about the company being around tomorrow to help you if you have a problem. Remember, free is too expensive if the system doesn’t work. It’s covered. You are covered!

Most important, with Dermaglow, you by association elevate to the best of the best in your business.  That helps insure your success, whether you are just starting a practice or expanding an existing business.

Advance Skincare Solutions for You

Aesthetic Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1998 with a mission to bring the most advanced skin care solutions to the aesthetic and medical market. Our most popular skin care equipment includes the world class Dermaglow II professional and medical grade microdermabrasion machines and LED light therapy machines.

The Dermaglow II microdermabrasion machines are offered in both professional and medical grade and can be used with corundum crystals or diamond tips. The DII has more power than most any medical grade devices on the market today, so chances are good you wont need the additional power of our DII MD, but if you do, it is available.

You might also choose to add LED Light therapy to your practice. This non invasive, highly effective,system of healing requires very little operator intervention. In fact, the machine works without you, meaning it earns money – without you. It also presents incredible long term anti-aging and healthy skin benefits.  Adding LED Light Therapy to microdermabrasion creates incredible combination therapy benefits. Call us to learn more about this. .

Complete Spa Equipment Setup Options


Looking for complete setup for your new spa? Are you seeking tables, chairs, lamps or magnifiers? We can help! With over 15 years industry experience and thousands of successful clients, we have found what we feel are the best suppliers and we are happy to introduce them to you. If you are outfitting a new room or spa, simply send us a wish list and we can help you create a package deal from a single source. You can rest assured that you will be getting the highest quality in medical spa equipment available. You deserve to have a great skin care and spa business and Aesthetic Solutions, Inc. can help you achieve those goals. Partnering with Dermaglow means:

  • World class results proven by the best of the best for over a decade
  • A lifetime warranty on our microdermabrasion machines
  • A free loaner programs
  • Live tech support
  • Training and certification
  • Business development help

You can create package deals as well as lease/rent to own and even special financing for those businesses that need help. In short, Aesthetic Solutions, Inc. is here to provide you with absolutely everything that you need in order to run a successful business. We truly want for you to be successful and hope give you every competitive advantage possible. Finally – our machines are aggressively priced. Very Aggressive! Quality means everything to a spa or medical practice. The opportunity cost of a quality microdermabrasion machine verse a cheaply made system can be over $100,000 in your first year. Contact us today to learn more at 877.382.8950!