dermaglow  LED Bed

The ‘Epic’ new service for Health and Skincare professionals.

Verla Engler, owner of Surgico Medispa calls the treatment ‘epic’.

It isn’t just about looking better.

It is about looking and feeling better.

NOTE:  All of the research cited below is based on studies cited on the NIH Pubmed website. The purpose of highlighting these studies is to eliminate manufacturer skewed claims and biases.  This is research only and not meant to be specific claims for the Dermaglow system.  This system is not yet been reviewed by the FDA.


Research suggests that LED Light Therapy is about creating the conditions that allow for the body to recover from the root cause of injury, damage or disease.  This is a big statement.

Aesthetically, we don’t even know all the possibilities but 30 years of research suggests they can be huge.

Its potential users include aestheticians, medispas, dermatologists and plastic surgeons, centers for Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, diabetes, traumatic brain injury, PTSD (VA centers), weekend, collegiate and professional athletes as well as every healthy person seeking greater levels of wellness.

The data below is based on over 30 years of research accumulated and posted in over 300,000 studies on the National Institute of Health’s Pubmed website.

Huge, Proven Opportunity

While the entire medispa industry in 2013 generated approximately $1.9B – this single service, if done right, would fit into over $500B in service sector value.

This one service, could double the traffic and profitability of a skin care studio, spa or medispa.

Research suggests that if done right, it would be like an anti-aging/acne treatment for the entire body, a cleanse and detox, massage, vitamin/energy drink, meditation, disease prevention, pain relief and wound healing session all built into a self-activated system – meaning it would make money for you, without you – the system operates itself.

You simply press go and the system works for you, without you.

‘Every skin care practitioner, doctor, chiropractor, sports team, retirement home, health club, medispa and wellness business could literally transform the scope of their practice.  Our VA centers should have this for veterans with PTSD.’  Shannon Woodworth, Former US Ambassador, Retired USAF

It causes zero damage or pain and it is 100% natural, organic & vegan.

Research links below on the NIH website shows that this treatment:

Increases energy production, circulation and nutrient transfer.

Helps remove waste, toxins and free radicals.

Reduces inflammation ‘the hallmark of chronic disease’.

‘If you can energize and feed the cells while at the same time detoxifying their environment, then you are creating an environment where the body can recover from and even remove the root cause of injury, damage or disease. ’

So what is it exactly?

Full body,
Multiwave LED Light Therapy


Full body LED Light Therapy has been out for several years now, but until now it has either not been done right, or doing it right has been prohibitively expensive.

Tanning bed manufacturers have been replacing their tanning bulbs with Red LED’s and produced what are more commonly referred to as Red Beds. In these systems the energy output, actual wavelengths, pulsing, sequencing and multiple frequency options have often been lacking.

We have seen underpowered and non-optimized red beds destroy traditional LED Light Therapy businesses, and those businesses were operating incredible machines for facial treatments in back to back sessions week after week.

People like LED ‘red’ beds because they feel great after the treatment. They are energized, relaxed and detoxified.

When you do this for the entire body, the body feels better. The bad processes are removed while the good are given a boost.

The opportunity lies in optimizing the system for multiple wavelengths, energy, sequencing and pulsing. Basically – our mission is to do it right.

What if it was done right?

What if you got the specific wavelengths right?

What if the full body system included the right Red and the right Near Infrared to soothe and heal the entire body?

What if your facial panels were multifilament Red, Blue, Amber and Green?

What if the lights were pulsed and sequenced to optimize treatment outcomes?

What if the system was not only affordable, but quickly profitable with a proven marketing plan to get you where you want to go?

What if the full body system boosted the power to 44 joules and penetrated beyond the skin and into the muscles and soft tissue?

What if the bed reduced the harmful EMF exposure typical with electronic devices?

What if the treatment added sound therapy in the form of a 528 hertz based binaural beat entrainment program to accelerate the relaxation response.

If you did it right, you would have a system that appeals to nearly everyone because it makes them look and feel better.

Feeling and looking better are a pretty incredible pair of benefits.

Think about it, it is usually one or the other. There are some big industries that focus on one…but not so much the other.

In the looking better business, Indoor Tanning generates about $3B in annual revenues, Medispas about $2B, Dermatologists about $12B and Plastic Surgeons about $14B.*

In the feeling better business (reducing pain and injury recovery), Chiropractors generate about $15B, Physical Therapists about $33B and Alternative Health Care Professionals about $12B. *

These industries usually only focus on either feeling better or looking better, not both.

This is about wellness. The entire wellness industry is estimated at 574 billion dollars.

Incredible Profit Potential

We do the math and introduce the marketing in our next PDF, but 3 rooms with an independent operator and very competitive pricing might generate over $200,000 a year in net profits – again, without you at the controls.

If you are a busy doctor looking for a way to pull in a substantial cash income (off of your employee’s efforts, not yours) and stop running from patient to patient, this may be everything you dreamed of.

5 rooms using our model could generate $500,000 in net profits with two full time employees managing the entire process.

LED Light Therapy just makes you better.

This is a non-invasive treatment, free of downtime and recovery time.

Your client might come in for the facial, but feels so rejuvenated after treatment that they buy a membership for the ‘feel good benefits’ instead, or vice versa.

In fact – we expect this.

The beds work for you, without you. Think about it, a microcurrent treatment can dominate your time and energy for over an hour. An LED Light Therapy treatment works for you, without you. It is like turning on a radio. You press the station, and it works. Your front desk person can do that.

You can hire someone to operate multiple machines and use the machines as the service that feeds new clients into your practice.

LED Light Therapy Research

Below is information taken from current research on LED Light Therapy. The information is posted on the National Institute of Health website and referenced in the footnotes. While our system uses similar technology, we make no claims as to its effectiveness unless or until it has completed the FDA approval process.

Inflammation: One of the biggest health issues people face is chronic inflammation (the body’s response to harmful stimuli).
One of the biggest benefits of LED Light Therapy is its ability to reduce inflammation.*

If you can reduce chronic inflammation in the largest organ of the body, then you reduce the energy load the body dedicates to removing harmful stimuli through the mechanism of inflammation.

Detoxification: If you can detox the cells and cellular environment, then you can increase the effectiveness of intercellular communication and nutrient transfer (your organs and systems work better). **

Anti-aging: Aesthetically, LED Light Therapy is about making your client’s skin look better. How many times does your baby boomer client want not only their face, but also their neck, decollate and hands treated? What about wrinkly skin on the stomach, arms and legs.

LED Light Therapy has proven effective in building collagen and tightening the elastin layer. It is also been show to help with hyperpigmentation.

Cellular Energy: LED Light Therapy helps to stimulate energy production in the fibroblasts and increase conversion of ATP to ADP.

What if you could effectively treat the entire body?

The primary aesthetic benefits of LED Light Therapy suggested by research include:

increased energy production
increased collagen production
tightening of the elastin layer,
detoxification of waste and free radicals,
reduction in inflammation
increase in circulation of nutrients.

Medically, LED Light Therapy has been used since the mid 1980’s on everything from kids with cancer to astronauts on the space station. In fact it is NASA that really started the ball rolling on the effectiveness of LEDs in accelerating the healing and recovery process.

The applications could range from chiropractic, massage, and holistic wellness, to disease and retirement centers, specialty clinics like those for arthritis, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease to high school, collegiate, professional and weekend athletes recovering from injuries or over training.

What if we did it right?

Could we see the rebirth of what used to be indoor tanning centers where there are 3 – 10 beds per location all generating revenue from a single operator? Absolutely!

What would you charge?

Great question, but I love the statement by Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon – “Your margins are my opportunity.” In marketing there is general rule of thumb that says, ‘when you half the price you triple sales’.

If you triple sales, then you effectively triple the traffic through your door per advertising dollar spent. That builds your entire business with less invested into advertising.

So, what if you priced a 30 minute session at $39 as opposed to $80? Now your market appeal extends beyond higher income beauty seekers to anyone who just wants to feel better now. This means your advertising dollar goes further, faster.

We help you market your business

Organic: Marketing can be done using our national authority site We are page one in Google rankings for national search terms Led Light Therapy Machine, LED Light Therapy Machines. Medical Grade LED Light Therapy Machines and Professional Grade LED Light Therapy Machines.

What this means is that our national search power can help you quickly rise to the top of your local market rankings. In fact we will do it for you if you are unfamiliar with how to optimize a site on a local market.

The happy clients you develop for LED Light Therapy now feed into the other more profitable aspects of your business, but, you are no longer trading hours for dollars, because the machines do the work for you. If you have been looking for a way to keep earning without working so hard…, this is it.

What does doing it right look like?

Since 1998 Dermaglow has been an industry leader in quality microdermabrasion systems.


This year (2015 ) 103,000 Doctors and Aestheticians in a nationwide survey voted Dermaglow Best Brand.  The Dermaglow II is repeatedly called the ‘Rolls Royce of microdermabrasion machines’ and we love that since 1998, our clients represent the best of the best in the skincare industry, from The Ritz Carlton to NYU to Paul Mitchell the School.

The point here is that Dermaglow’s company culture is to do what’s right, both for you, and for your clients.

In 2011 we began our quest to build a full body LED Light Therapy bed.

Doing it right meant everything mentioned above, but until now doing so meant price points that restricted your ability to quickly profit from your investment.

Our goal was to create a system that rivaled the power and quality of Omnilux, but for the entire body.  The machine was destined to retail well over $50,000 and that simply was too restrictive for the majority of our client base.

It’s coming!      

We are proud to introduce RII.

RII, the next generation and evolution of LED light Therapy.

  • It generates appx 44 joules of Red / Infrared energy for the body in 30 minutes.
  • The facial panels are multifilament bulbs producing red, amber, green and blue.
  • The system is pulsed and sequenced using the latest research.
  • It reduces EMF exposure.
  • It includes a special auditory support system to help customers achieve a deep meditative state while in the chamber.
  • It integrates the 528 frequency to further accelerate the process.

Your clients can and they will most likely want to use this system twice a week because of the ‘feel good’ benefits.

What this means is you sell memberships that encourage your clients to return one to two times per week.

You can sell your sessions for whatever you want, but we suggest a monthly membership price that encourages them to come back often and refer their friends and family.

The half hour session might be sold for $39 – $69.  Price a single session at $80, a month (4) at $69 each or 10 or more at $39.

Right now, the system can be rented for about $275 a month (OAC – 3 yr rental contract), lease to own for about $350 – $450 (credit based) a month or purchased outright for $9997.

We will be retailing the machine for $15,000, but for a limited time you can save $5,000.

This system uses the same technology we have offered to plastic surgeons and dermatologists since 2008 and the entire system is priced at the entry point of most triple panel full face multiwaves.

From a pricing standpoint, we invite you to consider – this is a 5 wavelength multiwave system that covers the entire body, for the same price as most face only 3 panel multiwaves.

It is manufactured by a CE certified (European FDA equivalent), GMP compliant manufacturing facility and we are moving it through the FDA clearance process as quickly as possible.

While we do not yet have FDA clearance on this machine, we legally cannot make any claims as to what it does or how it may be used. 

The research included below is research cited by controlled studies on the National Institute of Health’s Pubmed website.  These studies do not infer and are not intended to infer any claims made by Aesthetic Solutions Inc, or Dermaglow about the RII.

If your room and insurance costs you $1,000 a month and your onsite assistant costs you $2500 a month with $400/month for the machine rental, then your monthly cost for 1 self-running room is under $4,000.

Total rooms at capacity         1                  3                   5

Room expense                  1000             3000             5000

Labor                                 2500             3500             6500 (adds manager)

Machine costs                     400             1200             2000

T Monthly costs                 $3900           $7700           $13,500

Total costs                        46,800          110,880        162,000

Gross Revenue                 $112,320      $336,960      $561,600

Net Profit                          $  65,520      $226,080      $399,600

In the beginning, you or your onsite manager can easily manage 1 room so these numbers are inflated.  With 5 machines – we include an onsite manager at $48,000.

Quick Break Even:           At these inflated cost points, it would take 25 new customers to reach break even.  If your existing medical practice has a total of 1000 clients in your list – it is possible you could reach break even before you finish the room.

Local marketing using the $80 single session price point and selling through Amazon local or groupon – you could sell 4 sessions which retail at $320 for $156.

You would net $93.60 from their first block of services, meaning you need only 43 clients from Amazon Local or Groupon per month.  Combine Amazon local with your current list and profit in 30 days is highly likely.

$60,000 net for just one room?           At $39 per session with 60 (30 min) sessions a week using the inflated numbers above, you net $5360/mo or over $60,000/yr.

Three rooms running at capacity generates over $200,000 in net profit and you hire someone else to do the work for you.

Five rooms at running at capacity generates over $350,000 in net profit and you hire someone else to do the work and manage the entire process for you.

If you already have a busy spa or medical clinic, then the system may be managed by your current staff.

This becomes a self-running business, separate from your current practice, which means that it is salable without you being attached to the sale.

From this starting point we show you how to turn Amazon and Groupon customers into repeat buyers.  We currently get a 57% conversion from Amazon Local to repeat buyers using a slightly different service offering.

Why $39, why so inexpensive?

When you cut your priced in half, you triple your sales.  What we want is recurring buyers.  We want them to come back every week.

Also, when your margins are tighter, you squeeze out competition.

Your clients will want to do this twice a week.  It does so much for someone that they will benefit greatly from two treatments a week and many will be willing to invest the time and money into doing so.

This is a service that is poised to take off like nothing we have seen.

Your market is huge.

Equally important is that these clients now buy your existing medical, wellness or spa services.

It is kind of like a loss leader pricing strategy without the loss.  Use the bed to pull people through the door and keep them coming back.  At $200k annual net profits for 3 rooms, this is a pretty nice introductory offer.

We want to help you own this service in your market!

Dermaglow is already page one Google for most LED Light Therapy machine terms.

We are now marketing our own spas under the Dermaglow Beauty & Wellness brand through a local web directory and we invite all of our DII and RII owners to be listed on our directory.

What this means is that you can take advantage of our national marketing muscle with Google, Yahoo and Bing which can help propel your new RII Advanced Recovery Chamber to the top of your local market rankings.

We can create a page for you, and help you get that page indexed and ranked in your local market.  This builds your LED Bed business and your complimentary spa or medical business.

Are you interested?

If you are interested in how this new technology might affect your practice and you want to be ‘in the loop’, then you might consider putting your name on the RII waiting list.  You will receive updates on our research, inventory and strategies.

Two Models:

RII is our ‘Toyota’.  In the next 12 months we will be launching the Ferrari.

When you rent to own RII, you will have the opportunity to trade it in for the Ferrari at the end of your lease term.

If you are interested in RII, please call me direct at 877.382.8950.

Distribution is estimated to begin in June of 2015.