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Dermaglow® II MD - Medical Microdermabrasion Device<br />The most advanced of our professional microdermabrasion devices, the Dermaglow® II MD offers the highest level of performance with a convenient, portable design. Our medical microdermabrasion machines are ideal for use in a medical or cosmetic dermatology practice, allowing you to give your patients impressive results while treating the most difficult skin problems.

Dermaglow® II MD Medical Microdermabrasion Features

Designed for use by physicians and cosmetic dermatologists, Dermaglow® II MD medical microdermabrasion machines can help reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and other skin issues.

High Capacity, High Performance

Similar to the Dermaglow® II model, the Dermaglow® II MD uses DermaVortex® vacuum technology to eliminate the need for strong vacuum levels. Using advanced skincare technologies, our professional microdermabrasion devices work to exfoliate and rejuvenate your patients, skin gently and without streaking.

Additionally, our Dermaglow® II MD medical microdermabrasion machines feature a 30 percent higher performance level than the Dermaglow® II model, making them perfect for intensive medical applications, including stretch mark and scar remediation.

Sleek, Simple Styling

The Dermaglow® II MD was designed with functionality and beauty in mind. With its simple digital display, monitoring the intensity of any treatment is easy – you can focus on the comfort of your patients, not a complicated machine. The Dermaglow II MD features an attractive brushed aluminum faceplate with engraved, anodized aluminum controls that adjust effortlessly, even when wearing gloves.

Like the Dermaglow® II, the Dermaglow® II MD medical model has wheels for easy portability, and it is virtually maintenance-free. Additionally, we offer a lifetime warranty on our medical microdermabrasion machines so you can feel confident that you,re getting the best when you purchase Dermaglow® medispa supplies.

HEPA Microfiltration System

Dermaglow® II MD professional microdermabrasion devices feature a HEPA filtration system and use either medical-grade aluminum oxide or sodium bicarbonate crystals, which are available in easy-to-insert, pre-filled containers that require no measuring or scooping. When one container becomes empty, simply replace it with a new one and avoid the customary filter cleanup and crystal-scooping processes.


We are so certain that our Dermaglow microdermabrasion devices will last, we offer a Lifetime Warranty on all of them. In the unlikely event that your unit should ever need service, we can usually solve it over the phone by contacting our experienced tech support team. Additionally, for issues that may not be resolved by phone, your lifetime warranty covers service on the device and we can provide a free loaner machine to you at no cost other than the shipping associated with getting it to you and back.

Contact Aesthetic Solutions, Inc. to Place Your Order

For more information on our professional microdermabrasion devices, contact us today. Our Dermaglow® II MD medical microdermabrasion machines are the top choice for physicians who want to offer the best treatment for dramatic skin rejuvenation. Call 888-345-GLOW to order or to find out more about our trade-in and trade-up programs.


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