5 Popular Cosmetic Treatments To Help Boost Your Business

It’s important to keep your spa or medical facility competitive in today’s ever-changing cosmetic marketplace. With never-ending changes and new procedures, we’ve compiled this list of five popular treatments that can help boost your business and entice new clients to come and give your business a shot. Discover the ways your new options can increase your business!

One of the best skin procedures that you can offer to your patrons is microdermabrasion from a Dermaglow machine. We’ll discuss this option in greater detail below, but if you want to learn more about our high-powered microderm machines, you can get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team now!

world class microdermabrasion

1. Laser Hair Removal

Shaving and waxing are constant struggles. Regular hair removal routines take up time from your days, and can cause pain! Random razer scrapes and irritating waxing can all be a thing of the past with laser hair removal. You can offer this common procedure to your clients easily. It is safe for any part of the body — even the face. The number of treatments required will vary depending on the individual’s skin type, hair color, hair thickness, and the area being treated. In general, the hair loss and smooth skin is permanent after three to eight sessions. When your spa or medical center adds laser hair removal to its repertoire, it can help bring new customers in, and allow you to upsell them on other procedures and treatments to help keep their newly hairless skin fresh and healthy for years to come!

2. Chemical Peel

Many people wish to look younger or remove some tough blemishes from their skin. Many surface-level treatments are unable to give the deep changes that a chemical peel can offer. These treatments are designed to help decrease wrinkles, acne scars, rough skin, and other unwanted skin abnormalities. For chemical peels, a solution is applied to damaged skin that works to remove the surface layer of skin to bring out the younger, brighter skin beneath. These treatments vary in intensity. Some can be done in a short period of time and do not require much recovery. The more intense procedures will mean longer healing times and can leave the targeted areas looking sunburned, blistered, or scabbed as they heal. When you have clients that desire long-lasting treatments, chemical peels are a great option.

3. Laser Skin Treatments

There are various types of treatments for the skin that use lasers. The overall goal is similar to a chemical peel, but the way the operation is performed is different. Rather than using chemicals to remove the upper layers of skin, pulsating laser lights are used to treat wrinkles, age spots, or scars. The top layer of skin is removed and the lower layers are heated to promote collagen production. Collagen helps the skin become firmer and smoother looking. Recovery times can vary, and side-effects usually include redness in the treated areas and sunlight sensitivity for several weeks or months. When you are looking for a less intrusive treatment option than chemical peels, various laser skin resurfacing procedures can be a great tool for your medical or spa facility.

4. Coolsculpting

This treatment has been gaining popularity over the past few years. This is largely due to the fact that it is a non-invasive way to remove the stubborn fat areas that just don’t seem to go away no matter how much dieting or exercising is done. Coolsculpting is usually for smaller areas as an alternative to the invasive liposuction treatments. For this non-surgical procedure, handheld paddles suction and freeze the skin to destroy fat cells that are located below the surface of the skin. The technician will then massage the treated area to break up the fat clusters, and the body will naturally destroy it and remove it from the body. This treatment is often offered in a series, and will take a few months to truly see the results. If your clients are looking to easily get rid of some persistent fat cells, coolsculpting can be an excellent option for you to begin offering.

5. Microdermabrasion

This one is our favorite! Microderm is one of the easiest treatments for both your staff and your clients. It’s also an easy add-on procedure that can be used to upsell other options that you offer. Microdermabrasion removes imperfections on the outer skin layers like age spots, enlarged pores, acne, minor aging lines, small scars, and other imperfections. This short procedure only takes about a half hour, and requires little to no recovery time. There may be a bit of redness or slight discomfort, but it should resolve to normal feeling skin within a few hours.

When you choose Dermaglow machines for your medical or spa facility, you will be able to give the best possible microderm treatments to your clients! Our powerful machines can easily outperform other machines on the market, and will leave your clients very happy with the results. Get in touch with us today to discuss pricing and learn more about how we will help implement microdermabrasion into your business!

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