Halloween Makeup Tips

It’s spooky season! Get ready to hand out treats to all the little ghouls, cowboys, ballerinas, and pixies in your neighborhood. With Halloween just around the corner, do you have your costume picked out already, or have you left it to the last second? Whether you’re just dressing up to impress the kids that come to your door or you’ve got a fun party planned, applying the perfect makeup will really make your costume memorable. In today’s post, we’ll discuss some easy tips to make sure your skin stays healthy, no matter what you masquerade as! 

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Choose Your Costume

This seems obvious, but maybe you’re in a last minute situation where you’re scrambling to come up with a costume. So no matter if you planned ahead, or you’re running late, choosing your costume will dictate your makeup needs. If you’re going to be a skeleton, you’ll probably need a lot of makeup, but if you choose a fairy, you may only need some light makeup and a bit of glitter.

Watch Tutorials and Practice

Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and more have incredible makeup tutorials and tips. If you’re having trouble nailing down your costume idea, or figuring out how to make your makeup work, checking out some DIY channels and videos could help improve the end result instead of going in blind. It’s also a good idea to try out your makeup before Halloween, just to make sure you know what to do or not do. That way, if something goes wrong the first time, you won’t be worrying about time constraints!

Use What You Have

Makeup gets really expensive really quickly, so making good use of the products you already own will help reduce your costume cost. Dig through your makeup bag for any glitter, eyeliner, or lipstick that might be useful in your guise for the night. If you’re only going to use the makeup once or twice, save yourself some money and find items that you already have in your arsenal to get the job done.

Buy a Kit

When you do have to buy something specific for your getup, try and buy a kit that has everything you need all at once, instead of purchasing multiple individual items. When you do buy makeup items for your costume, be sure to buy something that is high-quality. It’s tempting to buy that cheap kit from the Halloween store or one fun color of inexpensive eyeliner, but don’t do it! Low-quality makeup, or paints disguised as makeup can be harmful to your skin and pores, even if they’re only applied for a few hours. Aside from that, they can often be a real pain to remove. Save yourself the future issues, and purchase quality products!

Less is More

Just because you can cake your face with multiple layers of makeup, it doesn’t mean you should. If you’re running short on time, or just don’t feel like spending hours on the perfect setup, there are a lot of minimal options that easily enhance costumes. Fluttering lashes, bold lip liners, or graceful eyeliner can make your look fabulous without a ton of time and effort.

Prepare Your Skin

There are several ways to get your skin ready for its Halloween beautification (or uglification, if the costume calls for it). If you’re sticking to light makeup, you should be fine using your regular preparation routine, but here are some ideas to consider if you plan on adding heavier makeup:

  • Astringent to remove facial oils
  • Cold water to reduce pore size
  • Apply makeup primer
  • Use a barrier cream for low-quality makeup, heavy applications, or prosthetics

Allowing any protection between your skin and the products you put on it can help your skin breathe throughout the night, and decrease the time spent in removal.

Think About Order

What will be the best process to make your full ensemble complete? It might be uncomfortable or inconvenient, but getting into your costume before doing your hair and makeup is usually a good idea. You don’t want to pull on your top after spending hours in the mirror, and frazzle your perfect do, or smudge your exquisite face. Reducing the amount of potential accidents will save you time and heartache later!

If you plan on using prosthetics to add fake scars, horns, or any other facial protrusions, remember these must be added first. Applying them to clean skin will help them stay in place more easily, and you can cover up any traces with makeup afterwards.

Expand Your Options

You have more tools at your disposal than you realize. Since you’re only going to be dressing up for one night, try and repurpose some of your existing makeup. Eyeliner or lipstick can be used on the rest of your face to highlight other areas, and add color to your costume. If you need an exotic colored lipstick, but don’t want to splurge on a full tube, try and make some of your own! You can mix spare eyeshadow with clear lip gloss for a single use color that makes your lips pop.

Let it Set

Nothing is worse than spending time, money, and energy perfecting your costume, only to have it smudge or become ruined shortly after application. Apply your layers and colors thinly, and allow time for each one to dry before adding more. If you’re in a rush, or just don’t like waiting around, you can speed up the drying process by using the cool setting on your blow dryer.

Thorough Removal

After the last tricks have been tallied, and treats have been tasted, it’s time to finally remove the illusion. If you opted for a thicker layer of makeup, it may be a good idea to do your cleansing routine twice, just to ensure you avoid post Halloween breakouts. You should use a light exfoliant to make sure and cleanse any remaining makeup from your pores. Before you head to bed, apply some skin conditioner to help your face stay healthy after a day of added products.

Try Microdermabrasion

Treat yourself to a microdermabrasion treatment before and after Halloween! Prepare your skin beforehand for the upcoming festivities, and allow yourself to start from scratch. Getting another treatment of microderm in the days following Halloween will assure that your pores are cleansed, and that you are ready to take on whatever the world throws at you next. Find a spa or medical center near you that offers Dermaglow microdermabrasion for the absolute best microderm facial! Contact our team with any questions, or if you’d like to include a Dermaglow machine in your facility’s lineup.