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The Award Winning Dermaglow® II & Dermaglow II MD

“Our clients expect excellence and that is exactly what they get with the Dermaglow II.”   Melissa, The Ritz Carlton NY, NY




Introducing The Dermaglow II Professional and Medical Microdermabrasion Machines

Your passport to success!

Since 1998, the Dermaglow II Professional and Medical Grade microdermabrasion machines have been called the Rolls Royce of the microdermabrasion marketplace.

Voted Best Microdermabrasion Machine   In 2015 the Dermaglow II was voted ‘best brand’ in a survey of over 103,000 doctors, nurses and estheticians in a Dermascope industry survey.

Used by the Finest Medical, Spa and Salon Pros Worldwide   From The Ritz Carlton to Paul Mitchell the School, from New York City to Dubai the DII is the gold standard used by the best of the best in the beauty industry.

My estheticians love this machine and that makes me happy!  Joycie: Agora Spa Stamford Marriot (America’s Top 100 Spas)

From NYU, UPenn, The Cleveland Clinic, Dermatology Associates, Advanced Dermatology Associates, to The Caniglia Center for Plastic Surgery, the planets most prestigious medical institutions choose the DII MD.

World renown hotels like The Stamford Marriot’s Agora Spa, The Ritz Carlton, Carlyle, Beverly Hills Hotels Choose the Dermaglow II. Elizabeth Arden, Mamies of NY, Debra’s Skincare of Naples, Evolutions Medspa and literally thousands of top tier spas, salons and medispas worldwide choose the Dermaglow II.

“You guys are the best.  Your customer service, warranty and support is unheard of.  I have been using you for 14 years now and my machine still works like a dream.  14 years. 

I had a client that was up north for the summer and she had a series of six treatments from another machine.  She said one treatment with me did more than the entire series she did in New York.”  Verla 

If a machine is ever going to take a beating, it is in a school.  The DII is the machine of choice for chains like Paul Mitchell the School, Salon Professionals, Cameo, Milan and others.  Why?  Because as one of our clients said, ” a bomb could go off in the building and the DII would keep working.”

Disclaimer:  These opinions are subject to user experience.  While we cannot guarantee your experience, we do offer a 100% money back refund if you are unhappy.

So, if it is good enough for them, why not you?

Wholesale Pricing   This incredible system is now made affordable for those on a budget!  We cut our margins dramatically so that you save big.  The DII and DII MD may be purchased at our wholesale price, which is a fraction of what are esteemed top tier competitors charge.

“I love your machine and want my doctors to have it.  …Oh my god, thats a bargain!”  Helen – Former Trainer Elizabeth Arden”

Lifetime Warranty    There is no other machine in the industry that has offered a Lifetime Warranty, Free Loaner Program and Live Tech Support for over a decade.  This is made extra significant at the lower margins we have on the machines.  Warranties on machines that break down can quickly put a company out of business and we have seen it in our industry.

Dermaglow warranty and support has been the best in the industry going into our second decade now.

Wanted to let you know how much I love my Dermaglow Microdermabrasion Machine.  In a few short months, my business has transformed. Microdermabrasion is my most popular service. Your equipment is both easy to use and highly effective.

I also want to compliment your customer service and training staff.

All things technical frighten me, but there has not been one moment when I felt alone with my questions. That kind of support (after the sale) is what creates “Raving Fans”.

I would recommend your products and your company to EVERYONE considering Microdermabrasion services.”  Bobbie

“I used to train in a school that used Dermaglow II’s, and when I went into a spa they had a different machine.  That machine did not produce 25% the results the Dermaglow II did.   The price they wanted to charge me for this lesser machine, for was unbelievable.   Good ones run $10,000 + and they dont have the warranty you have.  Wow…Thank you!!’  Angela

Disclaimer:  These opinions are subject to user experience.  While we cannot guarantee your experience, we do offer a 100% money back refund if you are unhappy.

What you want is a machine that doesn’t break down in the first place, with the DII, you get that.

That alone should tell you about the quality and support behind this machine!  Systems that clog or lose power cannot offer a lifetime warranty and stay in business. With a Dermaglow II, clogging issues, power and noise are virtually eliminated.

On this website you can learn step by step; (1) what makes the Dermaglow II so unique, (2) how to transform your practice into a thriving business and (3) how to use the DII to build a stellar reputation that attracts new clients and creates lifetime return customers.

DII Boosts Referrals   The best way to grow your business is through referrals.  They buy faster and bigger.  You need happy customers to get referrals.  A great treatment from a great system can create happy customers.

Mid tier machines that retail for more than the Dermaglow II on sale often have major clogging issues.  Clogging creates sub-par treatment outcomes and it hurts your reputation as a professional.  That kills referrals.

Your biggest expense isn’t your machine, it is the cost to attain, and retain your customers.

In our opinion, right now is the best time in decades to develop a new skincare practice and microdermabrasion with it’s immediate results is a powerful offering that clients are demanding.

“Hi Mike, I wanted to let you know I paid for my machine in 2 weeks.”

Please note that if you are looking to grow your business now, or over time with microcurrent and LED light therapy, we can help you.  The starter, is microdermabrasion.  It is a known and demanded service.
We invite you to follow each of the seven steps outlined on this site to help you better understand the business of microdermabrasion. You will learn why some machines are better for others and what that means to your clients and your business.

“Hi Christi, just did a living social promotion and already sold 6 series of treatments.  I love this machine!”

Disclaimer:  These opinions are subject to user experience.  While we cannot guarantee your experience, we do offer a 100% money back refund if you are unhappy.

In Step 2, you will be able to see the DII in action with a short video from a Paul Mitchell school teaching microdermabrasion to their esthetics class.

In Step 3, we cover the support system for your machine as well as the Life Time Warranty and Free Loaner Program (hint – Dermaglow is the only company to do this and we have done it for over ten years).

We will share with you what are clients are experiencing and how they are growing their business in the Six Figure Business Model in Step 4.

We will take you into the Dermaglow II in the first two videos and have a complete video training series on both microdermabrasion and business building in Step 5.

You will learn in Step 6 why crystals are generally considered better than diamond tips and how to present this to your own clients so that you can offer the most complete service.

The Business Outline    Want it all? We take you from A-Z and show you how to build a successful business, train and certify your staff, advertise, convert, brand and even exit with us in a nationally marketed spa concept. If you are a doctor looking to add a cash spa to your practice click on this link now!

There is a lot of information on this website and it is designed to help you be successful in your practice and translate that into your life.
The good news as mentioned above is that right now is an incredible time to be in this business. Old hat business models that relied on expensive print advertising are quickly becoming obsolete. The risk is minimized. We talk a bit more about this in Step 4: Build Your Six Figure Practice.

Perfect Combination Therapy   LED Light Therapy and Microcurrent is a phenomenal addition to your microdermabrasion practice. If you are starting and on a budget, start with microdermabrasion as it creates the biggest demand to grow with. Then add Light Therapy and or Microcurrent.

For more information on either of these call me direct at 877.382.8950.

Call!  We invite you to call us any time with any questions at 877.382.8950.
Mike McIntyre

Go to Step 2 now and watch a Paul Mitchell Learning leader teach microdermabrasion to her class using the Dermaglow II.

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Step 2: Microdermabrasion training video from Paul Mitchell the School

Coming soon is a video from Paul Mitchell the School Sacramento teaching microdermabrasion to their class. You will learn how it works and hear why PMTS chooses Dermaglow.

We have included more training videos in Step 5 to help you better understand everything from the first consultation to post treatment. We also created some basic business building videos that may prove beneficial in helping you build, brand and market your practice. Enjoy!!!!

Step 3:   LifeTime Warranty, Free Loaner and Live Tech Support

The first step in keeping you happy and successful is to offer you a microdermabrasion machine that works, flawlessly and reliably in the first place. The greatest warranty on the planet will never make up for a machine that sits in the shop.

Your Dermaglow II carries a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects.

If you get a machine with a flaw due to defects in manufacturing, or that machine breaks down due to a defect, then we will either fix it, or send you a brand new machine. Usually we simply send you a brand new machine.

With the Dermaglow II, you will never have to buy another microdermabrasion machine. That is a big statement. We know, because we replace worn out machines from other companies every week.

Free Loaner Program Program!

The last thing you need is to send in your machine for service and end up waiting for weeks for shipping and tech support to fix the problem.

Within 24 business hours of determining there is a problem that we can’t fix over the phone, we ship you a loaner to replace your machine during repair. When you get the loaner, you send us your machine, we fix it or replace it, send it back and then we pick up the loaner. We pay for 1rst leg of shipping, we repair or replace your machine and we insure that you are never out of business because of problems.

Live Tech Support!

Our technical manager is also among the best in the business. He can smell out problems and usually fix them in minutes over the phone. If he determines it needs to come back, then he initiates sending the loaner out to you.

The take home on this we hope that you see is that if we had problems with our machines, we could never go to the expense of offering this warranty. I love what one of our valued clients says about her Dermaglow II

“a bomb could go off in the building and the DII would still work”

Disclaimer: These opinions are subject to user experience. While we cannot guarantee your experience, we do offer a 100% money back refund if you are unhappy.

Go to Step 4 and learn how a quality system with the right activities can provide incredible and quick success for you and your business.

Step 4: The Six Figure Practice

On this age please allow us to share with you why we think this is the best time in decades to have a microdermabrasion practice.

“Hi Mike, just wanted to let you know that I paid for my machine in two weeks!”

Disclaimer:  These opinions are subject to user experience.  While we cannot guarantee your experience, we do offer a 100% money back refund if you are unhappy.

Think about that. From Beaumont Texas, not the largest town, Linda paid for her machine in two weeks

If we reverse engineer success into the tactics that are making people successful, we would find a number of factors.

Since revenue generation is the topic of this article, lets cover the aspect of your business responsible to generate revenue.

Revenue really boils down to three factors:

  1.  Traffic – is a function of how many people see your business and your offer.
  2. Conversion – is the number of people that consume your offer.
  3. Profit – The amount of revenue you earn after your expenses are paid.

You need to generate traffic.
You need to convert that traffic into customers.
You need to make money on those customers.

Simple huh?

OK… So how do you make this simplicity work in your favor?

First you want to look at each step. In fact you want to look at each step within each step (called the marketing chain), but for now lets dissect the three steps. In step 5, on the training video section of this website, we offer you a much more detailed breakdown of what we call the marketing chain.

Step One = Generating Traffic is easier than it has ever been if you live in the right area.

The right area is a market that is large enough to support social marketing vehicles like Groupon or Amazon Local yet not be blasted with competitive offers.

The typical Groupon and Amazon Local promotions are estimated to generate 100 (often more) total customers for the promotion of a microdermabrasion special.  Note we said ‘and’ here.  You want to do both and you want to be competitive with your price.

These numbers are estimates only based upon our owners experience working with Groupon and the results will vary according to the market and the offer. There is no guarantee that this will work for your business in the same way it works for other businesses. This formula is for demonstration purposes only.

Your gross revenue for a $100 retail service will be around 25% or $25. That is $25 for 30 minutes of work.

Yes, it is less than you expect to make from full time customers and yes, most of the customers you service are unlikely to come back or convert into repeat business.

Higher Conversion Rates   When you have a Dermaglow II though, because of the quality of the treatment, we have seen conversion ratios in excess of 35%.  On average our combination therapy converts at 57%.

That is the key here.  Groupon and Amazon Local have not so good reputations as a way to build a business.  But, when your treatment quality is excellent, so are your conversions.  With the DII your conversions are excellent.

But think about it, $25 per half hour is the same as $50 per hour and $50 per hour times a 2,000 hour work year that most of us have is $100,000 a year. So even at the super steep discount down to $25 for a half hour of service, you are making nearly twice the national average income in the United States.

What we invite you to consider is how business used to be built. It used to be that owners would do mailers or run newspaper ads or similar printed media vehicles. A $500 ad expense could generate anywhere for zero customers and up.  ZERO is an expensive return on your advertising investment!

Groupon and Amazon Local just send you business, which means you just meet new clients and make new money. Once they are in your door, it is up to you to convert.

So, if you were to run a Groupon and Amazon Local promotion one time each quarter and they generated a minimum of 100 clients per promo, then within a year, you have 400 chances to convert. And you get paid pretty well for the opportunity, with zero out of pocket advertising expenses.

Step Two = Conversion:   So how do you convert these ‘sample’ customers into full time, loyal, repeat customers.

Based on conversations with our clients we see conversion averages run anywhere from 0% – 35%. 0% for an under-performing system and 35% average conversion using the Dermaglow II.

Please understand that these numbers reflect mostly future Dermaglow customers that are coming to us to improve their service by buying a better machine.

I spoke with one esthetician in Seattle that had a 70% conversion rate with the Dermaglow II.  She was coming back to us to add an LED to her practice because she was so successful with microdermabrasion.
I was actually astonished when she told me 70% so I asked her why. Her answer was perfect.

“I tell them why they don’t want to go do microdermabrasion just anywhere. I explain why crystals are better and why a good machine makes a big difference in the end results.”

Perfect answer!

Dermaglow gives you advantages other machines simply cannot offer. Your clients walk away happier with better results, which means that the chances of them coming back are greater. It also means the chances of you building new business through referrals is greater.

If you educate your clients on the differences and let them know why they don’t want to go somewhere else, your conversion chances increase even more.

Think about it. If the treatment presents immediate benefits and your client is happy with you and understands the risks with other lesser machines, then it is reasonable to assume that they would feel uneasy going somewhere else.

Our clients tell us the average repeat customer is worth $1,000 a year in product and service sales.

If you ran two promotions a quarter for a year (4 total Groupon and 4 total Living Social), then you could have 8 x 100, or 800 new people walk through your door to pay for a demo of your service.

If you convert at 0% – then you have 0 repeat customers and your promotion has at least generated a great hourly revenue.
If you convert at 20%, then you have 20% x 800 = 160 repeat customers .

$1,000 x 160 is $160,000 a year.

If you convert at 35% like our better clients do, then you have 35% x 800 or 280 repeat customers. $1,000 per year x 280 = $280,000. That is a bunch of money and it is still not even full time work.

OK, so please know:  We are not in any way suggesting you will achieve these numbers.  They represent the averages we hear from the clients we speak with only and experience at our location in California – Our traffic is about 100/quarter and our conversions about 57%.

We have heard as many as 900 customers from one Groupon promotion and we have experienced as many as 600 in our own location from one promotion.  There is no guarantee that you will achieve these averages or experience any success at all.

Step Three = Profit per Customer

So, if you were picked up in a Rolls Royce and driven to a location by a chauffeur, would you expect to pay more or less for the ride than you would for a taxi?

If you flew in a private luxurious jet, would you expect to pay more for your ticket than if you took the red eye from the discount airline?  In either case the examples are absurd.  You would pay several times more in either case.

You get what you pay for and you expect to pay more for better quality.
Same thing with microdermabrasion.

Your clients get what they pay for.

A top quality treatment from one of the top three manufacturers will be far superior to a simple rub and scrub with a cheaply built diamond tip machine.

Your clients will leave happier. They will look and feel better about themselves and they will attribute that feeling to YOU.

If you can educate them on the differences between quality machines, then you are differentiating yourself from everybody else out there that failed to make the investment you made.

Your treatment is better and you deserve to be paid more.
You invest the same time into your client,

So, how do you increase your profit per client?  Simple, provide a better service.  Make your clients happy.

There is a fourth step in this process that is really all about Traffic. That is referrals.

Question for you.

Who is more likely to refer their friends to you, a happy customer or a distraught customer?

In The Six Figure Business Model:

  1. You prime the pump with social marketing to generate the first waves of traffic.
  2. You convert into happy repeat clients by providing the best possible user experience.
  3. You make higher profits by converting quality customers to reasonably priced services.
  4. You can then ask them for referrals to their friends and make your next customers full retail. Referrals buy bigger, and they buy faster.

Step 5: Video Training?

So we sincerely hope that this website has been informative for you.

You are encouraged at any time to call us direct and ask any questions about our systems.

We purposely do not advertise our specials on the internet, because they are subject to change with changing market conditions.

Training DVD?  Would you like to receive a training DVD on microdermabrasion?   Call me direct at 877.382.8950.  

Thank you so much for going through all the learning steps on this website!

Step 6:   Crystals or Diamonds?

One of the big questions we frequently receive is whether crystal or ‘diamond tips’ are the best choice.

1) When you have a good crystal based microdermabrasion machine – one that has adequate power, smooth crystal flow delivery, presses crystals on the face as opposed to spraying them and the motor is powerful enough to use larger holes to pull the crystals through, then for both your clients and your technician, natural corundum crystals are a better choice.

Think about it this way. If you are sanding the paint off of a house and you have high spots and low spots, how do you get to the low spots with sandpaper?  Generally speaking you have to sand down the high spots.
 When you use sandpaper, you are dragging a fixed abrasive surface in a straight line across the paint.  You can see the scratches.

2) ‘Diamond’ tips often cause striping, or scratching of the skin, definitely not something you want. There are no Diamond tip systems that avoid that, it is a function of the modality.

Diamond tips are an easy engineering solution for microdermabrasion machines.

Crystals require a greater investment in engineering because you are both pushing and pulling crystals through an intricate delivery system.

A good crystal based machine costs more to engineer than a good diamond tip machine for this reason.

When you have a mid or lower tier machine, then diamond tips can be a good choice.  When instead you have a well built system, then our experience, from speaking with hundreds of estheticians every month, is that crystals are favored, both for the practitioner and by the client.

If you are sandblasting the paint off of a house, then the crystals do the work and move into the edges and crevices to smooth them out. It is a smoother treatment, but it has trade offs.  For one, lower quality machines clog.

Two big reasons estheticians and clients that want diamond tips include:

  1. They are used to machines that clog because the system cut corners with cheaper components.
  2. They don’t want the mess from the crystals.

We figured out 15 years ago that if you put larger motors and pumps into the machine from the outset, you can use larger holes to pull the crystals through, and that eliminates clogging.

The Dermaglow II rarely ever clogs. I have clients that bought out machine back pre- 2000 who tell me

“I am so glad I bought a Dermaglow II, my machine never clogs, my friend’s machines are always clogging up.”

The DII does put crystals on the face and those will get in the room, but the mess is minimized by the power of the system, the Dermavortex (patented delivery system that presses crystals on the face rather than spray them on).  So it still uses crystals, but the mess is minimized.
Diamond tips need to be autoclaved, which is time consuming. Researchers are finding that even autoclaving does not always successfully clean the dead skin cells from the abrasive tips – this is definitely not good as it can create cross-contamination issues.

Go to Step 7 and be introduced to NewSpa MSTr, a complete business in a box for medical facilities.

Step 7:  NewSpa MSTr

What we want for you gain with NewSpa ‘Business in a Box,
is to help you effortlessly create your own medispa anchor service
and quickly grow it into 3 active profit centers –
with one employee inside of 9 months.

Build your own Medispa
….with ease

If you are interested in adding a hands-free business, operated by your commissioned staff, pumping prepaid cash receipts to your existing medical practice, then you are in the right place.

Below you will find an outline of the action steps, timeframe to complete, investment information and your projected ROI. We broke this into two steps:

  1. You are invited to first do some research.  The‘Peek Inside’ the box offered below to provide you with a substantial head start in training your staff and understanding how to successfully launch your own spa.  This is a kind of do-it-yourself plan.
  2. The System Owner Package combines everything inside the box with equipment, set up, coaching, advertising and sales funnels, website, branding and more – we outline this below. This is the logical next step once you’ve looked at the program.  We make it a no-brainer.

You are invited to peek inside this ‘Business in a Box’ and take home your staff training and certification, initial setup considerations and best starting practice.

Why trust us to help you? Aesthetic Solutions Inc has been serving the best in the world since 1998. Our clients include The Ritz Carlton, Carlyle and Beverly Hills Hotels, NYU, The Caniglia Center, Mario Tricocci, Elizabeth Arden, The Sports Club LA, Paul Mitchell, Dermatology Associates and thousands more from Beverly Hills to Dubai.  We come with impeccable references that did their homework before they chose us, and they keep coming back.

In addition, for this project, NewSpa MSTr, we have engaged the best of the best marketing on the planet. From Google’s top tier PPC masters, to effective video conversion funnels and web optimization to advanced automation and sales tactics, we have engaged the best of the best.  I assure you, this plan is dedicated to you winning, and doing so quickly.

We want something else for you.  We want for you to have the option to cash out in a pre-planned exit strategy inside of two years.  In that exit you would be bundling your like business with our group so that your business participates with private equity multiples rather than small business multiples.  What this means is you, and we all win bigger than we ever could with a small business.  So…we are truly motivated for you to succeed.

Below is clear & concise no fluff analysis on the steps you need to take, the sequence, time frame to complete, investment to implement and anticipated ROI.

Beyond the summary we expand the conversation to a more detailed description and invite you to take a portion of the system home and peek inside the box.

Interested in learning more?

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